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How it works Powering a Million Startups

Launching a Business in 3 Minutes or Less

We believe in entrepreneurs. Starting and running a business – even a simple one – is a rewarding experience that can change your life.

Bizinate is the easiest place to start and open a business – no coding, no credit card contracts, no website development, no government filings. Just create an account and start selling stuff. Purchases are processed and the money is held for you in a secure account where you can watch earnings grow.

Creating Accounts – Parents, Kids and Everyone Else.

Bizinate is intended for young entrepreneurs of any age. Our typical user sets up and runs their company on their own. But we have special protections for parents and kids working together.


Parents – Parents can open a master account and create a company for each of their kids. Once parents have created a company for one of their kids, they can operate it on their kid’s behalf or share the ability to run that company. To share running the company, all a kid needs is an email address. The parent sends an Invite by email that enables a kid to create their own account under their parent’s master account and start running their company. This enables kids to add new jobs to do or products to sell.

Whether parents run it all or enable kids to run part of the business (adding jobs and products, parents will receive all purchase emails, for kids’ protection. Therefore, parents can screen any purchase requests. Also, parents manage the funds.

A kid can run their business with their parent’s help through their parent’s account. Alternatively, if their parent has shared in Invite with the kid as discussed above, a kid can create his/her own account to operate the business (identify jobs to do or products to sell). This means the kid runs the business with some oversight from the parent – perfect for kids who know how to use computers.

Simply sign up and run your own business. We’ll help with ideas for things you can sell, providing marketing tools, coaching and business cards. A Facebook account is required for log in purposes. Don’t worry, that’s just to make registration simpler. We’re not wall spammers. We don’t post anything on Facebook unless you request it expressly.

Offering Jobs and Selling Stuff

The basics of any company are providing services or products. Jobs can be anything from painting a picture to building a website. Bizinate has suggested some popular jobs that you can adopt or customize. Of course, you can create your own job. You know what you can do better than anyone.

You can also sell stuff. Everyone has sports equipment, game consoles, recreational gear, toys and games, DVD’s or clothes they no longer use. Some of us make cool things. You can sell all those things through your Bizinate company.

And Bizinate also provides you with links to other great products and deals that you can add to your store, use as another great reason to reach out to your potential customers and invite them into your store, and share in any commissions on the sale.

Getting Customers

Initial customers are people you know. Bizinate makes it easy to share news of your company through email or through social media tools, especially Facebook. Recipients will get your customized message plus a link to check out your company.

Sending follow up emails is an important aspect of online marketing. For example, talking about new products you’ve added, new services you offer, or other topics will help remind your potential customers to come back and visit your store, which will help you be more successful.

We also encourage you to market your company in other creative ways – posters, signs and other ways. Be sure and order your free business cards and share them.

How You Make Money

Anyone that gets a link to your company can view your jobs and products. They can purchase immediately online with a credit card. You’ll get notice of the purchase by email. You should reach out to the purchaser to discuss the specifics of delivering the product or doing the job.

The money is held in a secure, FDIC account at Chase Bank. You can watch your earnings grow through Bizinate. You can withdraw any time through the site – we’ll transfer the money to you on request.

Parent Controls and Safety

Remember that for parent-opened accounts, only parents get notice of purchases and they can decide how to address. Therefore, even if a parent’s kid or teen is running the business on a day to day basis, parents control outside communication. Also, only parents can request a funds withdrawal.

Individual companies are not crawled by search engines and the URL’s are masked, so only those that are given the Company link can access.

Most companies do not identify details about the owner – your company name can be anything. If your name is included, usually just a first name is used. Therefore, people only know who you are because they know you already and received a link.

Lastly, Bizinate monitors jobs and products to screen out inappropriate products or services.