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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Just open an account and Bizinate creates a business for you automatically. The system will prompt you about who to create the company for. For parents, you can create a business for each of your kids one at a time just by inputting their first name when prompted. Teens that sign up through Facebook simply input your own first name at the prompt. Bizinate will create a company for each name entered at the prompt.

You can customize the company name, logo, and specify the products and services the company offers.

You’ll be up and running in less than 3 minutes – the fastest startup path ever.

Building a business on Bizinate involves a one-time $20 fee. No monthly charges like other sites. In fact, we'll pay you back! Just share your company with 20 people using our marketing tools, make 2 sales, and get a $20 bonus applied directly to your Bizinate account. Buyers pay a small service fee (currently 99 cents), which is added to any purchase. The fee helps defray the costs we pay banks for credit card processing. You pay nothing to run your business and receive the full price for any purchase.

Bizinate has a model for parents, kids and teens. Parents can open a master account and create a company for each of their kids. Parents and kids can operate the company together, or the parent can pass some responsibilities to any kid.

Teens can run a business under their parent’s account or open and run their own account with a Facebook account.

See "How It Works” link for more information.

Kids are naturally entrepreneurial and will want to run a business. Kids want to earn money and the startup phenomenon is pervasive. In recent surveys over 40% of young people want to run their own business as a career choice. They can start right now.

As a parent, you can decide what roles your kid is ready for on Bizinate. For younger kids, parents might create the business and select the jobs to do and products to sell for their kid, while the kid just does the jobs. When the kid is ready, the parent can give them a sub-account that enables the kid to add jobs and products themselves, by sending an invite through Bizinate. This lets a kid manage the business under the parent’s guidance.

Teens can run a business under a parent account just like kids. Or, teens can open their own account with a Facebook account.

There are many more options these days than running a lemonade stand. Younger kids can offer to help around the house, achieve certain goals in school or sports, draw cards or paintings or other crafts. Teens can do everything from yard work to setting up electronics to creating t-shirts to web design.

We recommend a group of popular jobs that you can adopt and customize, or you can make your own. This is an opportunity to be creative. Check out the examples on our home page or under the Add Jobs link.

Most kids and teens have old electronics, games, sports equipment, toys, bikes and clothes. Many make interesting things, like crafts or other products. In most communities and social networks there are things you have that others need. You can turn the process of cleaning out the garage or attic into a business and help people that know you get great stuff.

Start by marketing your company to people you know – neighbors, family members, schoolmates, people in the family’s social network. Bizinate provides tools to help. You can share news of your company through email or through social media tools, especially Facebook. Recipients will get your customized message plus a link to check out your company.

We also encourage you to market your company in other creative ways – posters, signs and other ways. Be sure and order your free business cards and share them too.

Anyone you share the link to your company with can buy products or services from you. We’re considering adding a public marketplace, where you can offer some products or jobs to the public at large. But for now, the first set of customers is likely to be in your community, school, extended social network. Anyone you can reach by email or social media tools – probably a pretty big group already.

Anyone who gets a link to your company can view your jobs and products. They can purchase right online by a credit card. You’ll get notice of the purchase by email. You should reach out to the purchaser to discuss the specifics of delivering the product or doing the job.

This means buyers pay in advance (not unlike eBay). Since usually these are people in your community and in your social network, they’ll trust you. But it’s important to deliver what you promised – maintaining good ratings as a Bizinate business is helpful.

A small service charge (currently 99 cents) will be added to the purchase price. That helps us defray the cost of credit card processing the banks charge us. So if someone buys something for $20, you get the whole $20 – they are told that the total price including service charge is $20.99.

Revenue from sales is held in a secure, FDIC account at Chase Bank we’ve set up for the benefit of Bizinate businesses. Your earnings are tracked on the site – go to your Dashboard and you can see all the financial reporting where you can watch your earnings grow. You can withdraw anytime through the site – we’ll transfer the money to you on request.

Everyone loves having and sharing their own business cards. Bizinate provides free cards. We’ll reach you by email to remind you of the opportunity to order them, or you can order by clicking here.